MYP INC, founded in Toronto, Canada, is a professional design firm established by several Harvard professors and alumnus. MYP began to expand its design venture and entered China market in 2010 together with their designers from Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Toron¬to & Tongji University possessing not only outstanding educational background and professional competence but also abundant experience from international practices.

Facing the unprecedented urban and rural construction in China with their international standard design philosophy and theory, devoted in breaking the boundary between different design disciplines, integrating urban design to design planning, landscape, architecture, ecology and environment disciplines. MYP specializes in comprehensive and complex urban waterfront projects, providing a comprehensive solutions including land development, improving cultural and tourism industry, reshaping landscape design culture and waterfront ecology through good design thinking and engineering.

With several major projects in construction, including ¬the largest lake park in Shanghai, the Sunland Center covers an area of 262 hectares, Yangtze River North Bund riverfront reactivation, open space regeneration in the main area of Chongqing with a 35.7 km. Coastline, a 110 hectares waterfront project in Yaojiang Ningbo together with some recent projects competition located in various major cities in china that MYP have won has been awarded and given high appraisal both by the government and project owners recognizing MYP international design standard.