Urban Planning
Urban Planning is where dreams become reality in the physical manifestation of planning frameworks, socio-economics, and real estate through crafting of space for people, where the sustainable comprehensive planning is the important development strategy for the construction of low-carbon world. MYP’s urban design team excels at delivering on our mandate to build the productive and inspiring elements of our cities, with the sustainable development practice as the key point in the land use, policy, traffic, infrastructure and space planning. MYP’s staffs have been recognized for their accomplishments in the projects such as Ningbo Fenghua Sunshine Bay, Chongqi Tunnel, Hangzhou Xiang Lake, Donghu luoyan District, The Taichi Lake Ecological Cultural Tourism District, Xiangyang Yuliangzhou, Hangzhou Changle Chuangling Industry Park etc..

Landscape Design
Landscape Architecture is where nature meets man, where historical culture and nature hidden behind the space, where production & our life interweaves and collides among the design. A key element in executing sustainable practices is designing robust landscapes capable of meeting our environmental objectives and replenishing our spirits through design excellence. No matter waterfront, park or commercial Real Estate design, MYP’s staffs have worked on various pivotal projects from the William J Clinton Presidential Park in Little Rock, Louisville Waterfront Park to Shanghai North Bund, Ningbo Old Bund and Ningbo Yaojiang.

Ecological Environment
Ecological design is committed to build the sustainable environment with protecting the ecological environment as the matrix. The development strategies propose to break through the single, vacancy traditional mind and mode limits, through fully understanding the relations among natures and human beings to take the energy and environment capacities into considerations, through focusing on the mutual relationships between landscape spatial pattern and the surrounding habitat to realizing the combinations of ecology and beauty, to form the self regulating system and maintain ecological balance. MYP sets up our own ecological subjects in the pivotal waterfront projects such as ‘626 River’, ’Hailaer Wetland’, ‘Yimin River’, ‘Xiaoheihe’ etc..  deeply exploring the water ecological scheme to decide the specimen and flood control system strategy, so as to maintain and improve water quality.

Architectural Design
MYP’s Architecture Design is focused on delivering complex projects from conceptual development to construction delivery. MYP expertise focuses on solutions that optimize cost, schedule, and quality with an emphasis on sustainable value creation for our clients. We persist on the creative solutions, seeking for the constructability of higher building, adding on the ecotype elements and incorporate into the environment & culture, as well as operating costs more effectively. MYP adheres to the principles of incorporating the environments, the works designed include Qinghai Ethnic Music City, Taichi Lake Resort Hotel etc.., which won the ‘General Award’, ‘Architecture Design Golden Award’ in the Eighth China Habitat Classical Architectural Design Scheme Campaign.