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12, 2014


After the North America Case Study Trip Symposium of 5th December 2014, the next day MYP team went to Shibo, Xuhui Waterfront and Waitan Yuan led by Director Yu, Wuwei and  Zhang weifeng.

The team were ready for the study trip with many questions in their minds, and began the Walking And Thinking tour. The common question is how good landscape incorporate into our daily lives and how it’s expressed, stool? Stonewalling? Sculpture? Road? Or plants? All of these are parts of landscape, each of them is meant to be an art in fact. To build a good landscape is really an challenge to designers, it’s not about following others’ words to act. It’s about the unity of overall pattern and detailed scales. And people are willing to participate into it and experience it.

Since 2010, many waterfront landscape projects designed by MYP are greatly recognized and praised by the owners or the government leaders. Then MYP desires to create much better project works in the future. The study trip is a good chance for the team to learn and think, and we absolutely benefit from it a lot.