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03, 2019

Li Qiang Ying Yong and other city leaders volunteered to plant trees in Pudong Senlan Greenland

The Senlan (Donggou) wedge-shaped green space is one of the eight wedge-shaped green areas in the central city with clear urban planning in Shanghai. The planned greening and water area is about 3.87 square kilometers, and it will be the largest lake green park in Shanghai's central city.

The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Yu Shaoliang, Zheng Gangyu, Chen Yu, Weng Zuliang, Zhou Huilin, Zhuge Yujie, Lingxi and the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, the municipal government, the municipal government responsible comrades, etc. participated in the morning of the 20th in Pudong Waigaoqiao Senlan Greenland. Voluntary tree planting activities.

At the planting site, Li Qiang and Ying Yong listened to the report on the greening work arrangement and the green space construction promotion of the city. Relevant responsible comrades should carefully plan and construct carefully, and strive to build the green space into “urban green lungs” and “tours and treasures” to let the citizens Have more to gain.