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05, 2019

Communication | Sunland Greenland was interviewed by the ‘Direct to Pudong’ Programme

MYP's design plan stands out since 2017, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Group Co., Ltd. cooperates closely with MYP and ensured the project implement successfully. In March 2019, the construction of Sunland Greenland achieved initial results, and gradually become the largest lake and green park in the central area of Shanghai, which made great contributions to the construction of the large green space in Pudong and the improvement of the ecological environment. In April of the same year, Waigaoqiao Group Co., Ltd. and MYP were interviewed by ‘Direct to Pudong’ programme of Pudong TV's to introduce the construction of Sunland green space to the audience.

After being completed, the Sunland Greenland will enhance the urban forest coverage while combining the mass fitness exercise experience, which fully meet the regional ecological environment adjustment function and the needs of city's humanities, sports and other spiritual life.