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08, 2020

Event | Large-scale 3D printing-unlimited possibilities in the design world

On July 31st, Maiber Lecture Hall was honored to invite Mr. Lu Bin, the instructor of the School of Materials of Tongji University and the founder of Guangdu Zhizhi, to participate in our Maiber Lecture Hall, sharing his ideas on using 3D printing to open various creative journeys. Experience in climbing professional and technological peaks.

The team led by Mr. Lu Bin has been focusing on "human-scale home decoration" to provide unique customized experience spaces and scenes. The company integrates design, manufacturing, and construction services to focus on exploring the field of furniture, decoration, and landscape sculpture. Wait for creation. They have broken the limitations of traditional industrial manufacturing and traditional 3D printing size, and can more delicately complete various landscape design details.

In this lecture, Mr. Lu Bin explained to the guests the development process of 3D printing subverting traditional manufacturing methods and reconstructing the manufacturing pattern, and shared his own practical cases in digital manufacturing, which aroused strong interest and great response.