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11, 2020

Real view | Taihu New Town Sports Park (Nike Sports Camp) 2020.11.01 太湖新城体育公园作为无锡市经开区首个体育综合体项目,引入全球青少年培训卓越品牌——耐克运动营,共同打造体育、教育、娱乐于一体的综合性运动场馆,与周边业态形成良性互动,推动区域内体育与教育、文化、休闲、旅游等行业的融合发展。  太湖新城体育公园(耐克运动营)依托经开区优质资源,达成“四首”概念定位与合作方向,即首牌——首进无锡的国际青少年体育品牌;首园——无锡首个潮流体育公园;首赛——首个无锡耐克运动营篮球、足球联赛;首秀——首进无锡的IP活动、时尚潮玩与社交活动。 As the first sports complex project in Wuxi Economic Development Zone, Taihu New Town Sports Park introduces the Nike Sports Camp, an excellent brand for global youth training, to jointly create a comprehensive sports venue integrating sports, education and entertainment, and form a benign interaction with surrounding businesses , To promote the integrated development of sports and education, culture, leisure, tourism and other industries in the region.   喜报 | MYP迈柏荣获2020年第六届上海市优秀风景园林规划设计奖 Good news | MYP won the 6th Shanghai Excellent Landscape Planning and Design Award in 2020

In July, the Shanghai Society of Landscape Architecture launched the 2020 "Sixth Shanghai Excellent Landscape Architecture Planning and Design Award" selection activity; in September, the selection process came to an end, and the list of winners was officially announced. The design works declared by MYP Maiber were awarded. 3 awards.

They are-Second prize: "Three Rivers and Six Banks" Riverside Recreation Zone in Ningbo City; Third Prize: Yimin River Master Planning and Design; Program Commendation Award: Taihu New Town Sports Park (NIKE Training Camp)