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03, 2021

The first show of "Two Rivers and Four Banks" highlights MYP's concept of "Returning to the Yangtze River"  

In February 2021, CCTV news reported that as one of the top ten Spaces of "Two rivers and four banks", The initial success of Chongqing Kowloon Beach was first opened before the Spring Festival, attracting the majority of citizens to come here for leisure time.  This is also the first solid footprint of the design company MYP to uphold the concept of "return to Yangtze River".  

MYP believes that the "Two Rivers and Four Banks" will be an inclusive, world-class urban center that will tie together chongqing's multicultural heritage, with safe and inviting Spaces for enjoyment and recreation, where people will gather and build a sustainable urban landscape that is full of caring, learning and participation.  The city's culture and history are preserved here, and each moment is remembered with warmth.