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07, 2013


Words arranged by: MYP
Photographed by: 2007 Beijing Urban Construction Forum

1, Background Introduction

Situated in the southwest of Manhattan island, New York World Trade Center is the one of the landmarks in America, west of the Hudson river. The ‘9.11’Twin Towers Memorial Plaza covers an area of 3.24 hectares, located in the original site of World Trade Center with an area of 6.48 hectares, to commemorate the people who’re killed in the September 11th attacks. It designs to use the symbolic language which can be understood and appreciated by the world’s audiences, which is indispensable part of ‘reflecting absence’ Mike Allard and Peter Walker speak of.

2, The History Of Manhattan’s  Spatial Texture Restructuring

The events of September 11, 2001 have created a physical and emotional void in the landscape of lower Manhattan. Prior to that day, the World Trade Centre was a major transportation centre and commercial/retail mixed use centre in Lower Manhattan. It was an icon and symbol of New York City, as well as the United States…..Over 100,000 people used the World Trade Centre complex every day.

World Trade Centre Site Redevelopment Planning Principles and Objectives for Development of Alternatives, June 2002

The Lower Manhattan is the most various city of New York with the longest history. The first period of development began in 1621 when Dutch Settlers became involved in the fur Trade. By 1825, Lower Manhattan became a metropolis of business and commerce.

Over time, Manhattan began to grow both outwards and upwards. Numerous piers and wharves extended the Manhattan shoreline out to the rivers, allowing spaces between and beyond to become in-filled as more land was needed for storage or development.

… the market can only absorb approximately 2 million square feet of commercial development in any given building, the size of the office buildings must be substantially smaller than either of the two 4,9 million square feet, 110 storey Towers. Consequently, several towers are required…..