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08, 2013


Words arranged by: MYP
Photographed by: 2007 Beijing Urban Construction Forum

One, Diversified Design

Diversification becomes the current outstanding construction design language. The special significance of the world trade center decides that it can’t simply be as a memorial building, it requires fusing the whole city environment to build memorial, transportation hub and commercial architectures, with multi symbolic meanings.

Two, Sustainable Construction

In the design, fully consider the excellent sustainability in the ecological environment perspective, advocating "green building" technology, which has become the main trend of the Contemporary World Architecture development. Many practices become popular, such as sunlight, space, light, building and the surrounding natural system harmony, lush urban forests, and square underground cistern rainwater collection irrigation and so on.

Three, Challenges Of Reconstruction

As mentioned above, the rebuilt of the world trade center is a part of city renewal with certain complexities and challenges. The skyscraper skeptics think tall buildings are the characterization of economic prosperity to some extent,  while on the other hand also fragile, the Petronas Twin Towers highlights the prosperity and confidence of New York, when it was collapsed in the terrorist attacks, its being destroyed teetered the once faith instantaneously. In addition, 10 Storey Underground Building comprising: PATH Hub, Pedestrian Walkways, MTA 1 and 9X and Station, MTA R and W and Station, Memorial Hall, Security Overlay, Vehicular Parking, Program Space (Reservoirs etc), Duct Banks, Utilities, Vehicular Security Centre.

Four, Summary

The emotional will still be there, especially for those who have lost children or partners, but it won’t be there all the time. Ground Zero’s meaning has changes already. One day it will be a place where people go to meet their accountants, have keys cut, pick up their dry cleaning, and sit on park benches. A successful rebuilding of Ground Zero will make the area an everyday slice of the city again( (The Edifice Complex, Deyan Sudji, 2007) . As a memorial building, it is not only a memorial space, but also living space. It can express the comfort of the victims and regaining life that we can’t make up for, people can find their memories, review, contemplate and reflect, and understand this tragedy from different dimensions, inspire people to abandon the ignorance and bigotry, at the same time to pay attention to it, moved by it and bear it.