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08, 2013


Words arranged by: MYP
Photographed by: 2007 Beijing Urban Construction Forum

The general large-scale alteration does not care about the trail pedestrian experience in the modern times, nor care about the reconfiguration of the public road, and lack the necessary considerations on how to realize the vitality in the space transformation of urban life. These will inevitably bring trauma to the building and city. These kinds of projects offer an opportunity to synthesize old urban fabrics with the new, to cure the scars left by large-scale developments that were indifferent to pedestrian experience, to reconfigure the decline of public grounds and to create a more powerful spatial program that accommodates vibrant city life, including the memories and leisure, life and death, rebuilding the place with the attitude of ‘respect’. The humanized design effectively sutured the strangeness and alienation among people and space, leading them to witness history and reflect it. Here contains the collective memory and sympathy.

The reconstruction project of New York World Trade Center is complicated and challenging, it pays more attention to the walker's psychological experience. When The world trade center was reconstructed, Part of the dilemma is the time scale that architects must try to deal with, that’s how the historical memory attached in the physical space be embodied and expressed. On the space dimension, building represents certain rules and orders, the rebuild of WTC symbolizes the hope of freedom and hope, which is also the symbol of power, the architectural form, the fitness of culture & history and the narrative of the future expectation has become the focus.

1, Perfect Infrastructure Construction

Located in the highly prized land of Manhattan, WTC site has enormous value in both historical & cultural and economic development. Coordinate mass transit services with the creation of a distinctive hub linking PATH, subway and rail services as a gateway to lower Manhattan. And support retail and commercial opportunities for day and nighttime activity.

2, Open Space

The WTC reconstruction designs to create an accessible, attractive and comprehensive park and open space system, linked with the outside world.

High Quality Open Space is the key to the success of a livable city. Parks and open spaces of the highest quality are not limited to a particular size, but are spaces that provide for prospect and refuge, are safe and secure. They facilitate social interaction and communication providing places for serenity and contemplation…

People can be assured self-contemplation, reflection, and interaction and into the participation in the self-growth and mind swap. During the process, some kinds of ‘emotional power’ are shaped invisibly, both memorial and best wishes for a new life.