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03, 2019

Interview | The world is beautiful for you

"If there is an afterlife, be a tree, stand for eternity, no sorrow and joy. Half is in the earth, half in the wind, half in the shade, half in the sun, very silent and very proud, never rely on, Never look for it."
                                                                                    —— San Mao

Today, they live in an era of multiple openness. There are no males and noble women, no three from four virtues. They pursue independence and pursue true self. They integrate women's unique sensibility and delicate touch into the design industry, and also serve as an administrative and personnel role for each employee in the company... no matter which position they are in, they An independent woman's attitude, optimistic and self-confident character, full of passion and courage in the workplace, exerting the hard work and the pursuit of life. In this issue of the 3.8 Queen's Day special, Xiao Bian will exclusively present the growth of MYP Maibo's female employees.

! "The 'female' designer, this is a false proposition. Because of more family responsibilities, the industry has lost a lot of women's figure - how much loss. As a designer, I am never lack of creativity, but also very rational and objective. There are strict logics; the only difference is the pursuit of the romantic and balanced nature of femininity. MYP has been working hard for eight years, thanks to the platform and space that I will continue to grow and upgrade together in the future."
!—— MYP Design Director   Li  Dandan

Ms. Li Dandan has more than ten years of rigorous and solid professional knowledge of Tongji University, both rational and artistic. She has many years of practical work experience in planning and design; she is familiar with the overall operation process of urban planning and landscape design projects. As the project's chief designer, she is not only good at overall planning and analysis of complex project situations, but also capable of handling small-scale space design. The details; excellent project management and bilingual communication skills, she is good at grasping customer needs and coordinating teamwork.

Since joining MMY Maibo in 2010, she has designed and designed the Shanghai Gaojiang Bridge, the largest urban park in Shanghai, the construction of the waterfront landscape belt of Yaojiang New Town in Ningbo, and the large-scale projects such as the “Old Bund” in Ningbo. In terms of tourism and vacation, the project “China Qinghai National Culture Music City” and “Wudangshan Taiji Lake Forest Boutique Hotel” all reflect the pursuit of quality by Ms. Li Dandan.